Ushering in the Cloud & Virtualization era for Indian Telcos

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Indian telecom market has grown leaps & bounds over the last couple of decades and now has become the second largest market in terms of subscriber base in the world only after China. During this period, we have witnessed the proliferation of sites and pervasiveness of devices making mobile broadband a critical ingredient in both professional and personal walks of our life. Unlike many of the global markets, Indian telecom had leapfrogged couple of technology evolutions, for eg., by not adopting ATM and UMTS but moved directly to Ethernet/IP and HSPA, which has enabled to reduce legacy footprint. This was possible because of having the advantage of late adoption of emerging technologies. However, the market has grown in terms of size and complexity, transforming from voice centric to becoming data centric driven by video and other bandwidth hungry applications.

Recent entry of a greenfield operator with the latest mobile broadband access technology 4G to promote data services with free voice minutes has disrupted the entire market ecosystem. This has expedited the roll out of 4G network and VoLTE launch in the market. While the Indian customers are being wooed with attractive offers, the operators are exploring ways & means to both lower their capex and opex, and increase revenues. Revenues & profitability of established players have come under tremendous pressure that has led to a spurt of mergers & consolidation to protect their customer base and sustain in the market. In today’s market situation, both cost efficiency and agile operations are critical for operators to survive and compete with new entrants, OTTs and web scale players.

Telecom service providers are considering numerous architectural issues as they plan to transform their network infrastructure to support these new technologies. Their solution is to deploy network functions virtualization (NFV) in order to shift from dedicated platforms to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware that will support virtualized network functions (VNFs). This approach will allow service providers to avoid vendor lock in, have multiple options to choose from, automate many of their processes, including service creation and delivery. Software-defined networking (SDN) is the key to ensuring that the benefits of virtualization are realized, by automating connectivity for VNFs. Several global players are also deploying cloud technologies to enable dynamic resource allocation and pooling, to further optimize their infrastructure utilization and improve their operational agility.

Cloud and virtualization technologies are promising to address these challenge by providing a new construct for the network infrastructure wherein disaggregation plays a key role in reducing the spends and open source systems/apps drive the agility needed. While virtualization & open source have enabled to realize benefits in the Enterprise IT domain, it is yet to be seen what impact does it have in Telco environment.

Why you should attend?

  • To learn about new innovations which are improving the scalability, performance and architecture of cloud solutions.
  • Deliver high quality solutions across platforms and services by learning how to use the comprehensive suite of Compute and Network, Data, App and other services.
  • Hear from experts on the best patterns and practices to embrace while building solutions for the modern world.
  • This event will provide great networking opportunities with industry leaders, presenting you with the opportunity to meet and do business with like-minded individuals.


Mr. Shyam P. Mardikar
Chief Technology Officer
Bharti Airtel Limited

Mr. Jalaj Choudhri
EVP (Networks)
Reliance Communications

Mr. Avinash Mittal
Sr. Vice President & CIO
Telenor India


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