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Industry Overview:
Mobile value added services (MVAS) market in India has recently witnessed an impressive growth contributed to operators' revenue. This is expected to continue in the years to come with MVAS, generating nearly half the incremental revenue over the next few years. The key growth drivers would be the increasing demand for interactive communication among end users, and more importantly the demand for mission-critical information to reach on a real-time basis. Another important factor for the growth is the fact that a lot of useful critical transactions can be carried out through value-added services now. MCommerce, social networking, video streaming, enterprise VAS, and location-based services are some of the game changers for the industry. A critical driver for this growth is the changing handset mix. The proportion of phones that can be called smart is changing more rapidly than at any time in the past. Additional capabilities in the hands of users will drive MVAS. The increased mobile data usage proliferation in India has led to the greater need for mobile data management. Handling explosive data traffic growth cost-effectively, monetizing the mobile data opportunity, and ensuring a positive user experience are the major challenges experienced by operators and broadband providers in India.

About the Conference:
Bharat Exhibitions is credited for successfully organizing its flagship event 'VAS Asia' since the year 2005 and has closely witnessed the escalation of VAS industry, which is poised to achieve the milestone of Rs. 48000 crores by 2015. The conference will help in strategizing a strong vision for MVAS Landscape in India as it is an ideal stage between the key influencers and decision makers under one roof. This year's event will assess the current state of VAS ecosystem and how it would evolve & will also develop innovative marketing tools for boosting the penetration of VAS adoption in the 3G/4G Ready India. The renowned industry professionals from across the APAC region would share their knowledge.

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